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The Green Thumb/Hibiscus Circle of the Clermont Garden Club has chosen the yard of Mario and Doris Rosado at 10626 Masters Drive in the Palisades, as their December Yard of the Month.

"From the time you approach their yard, you can hear running water coming from the grotto, which is tucked in a corner," said Barbara Williams of the club. "It is surrounded by Hawaiian Thai, a climbing passion flower grows next to a bench which overlooks the grotto."

"Nearby you will see white Bird of Paradise, double hibiscus plants, rose bushes, and ginger. Many hours of gardening love have been spent on this beautiful yard."

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Garden Clubs December Yard
The Green Thumb/Hibiscus Circle for its many features including the grotto surrounded by Hawaiian Passion Flower. (Garden Club photo)
The Garden Clubs' "December Yard of the Month" brings a touch of the past to this beautiful patio
Garden Clubs December yard of the month
Mario and Doris Rosado's home was chosen as the Garden Club's Yard of the month. (Garden Club photo)


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