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Clermont city clerkThe Florida League of Cities announced that Clermont City Clerk Tracy Ackroyd Howe is one of 70 city officials statewide to receive the League's 2016 Home Rule Hero Award. According to Doris Bloodsworth, Clermont public information officer, this prestigious award recognizes the tireless efforts of individuals who advanced the League's legislative agenda and helped protect the home-rule powers of Florida's cities during the 2016 legislative session.

Home Rule is the ability for a city to establish its own form of government and enact ordinances, codes, plans and resolutions without prior state approval.

Scott Dudley, the League's director of legislative affairs, will present the award to Ackroyd Howe at Clermont's May 10 City Council meeting.

Florida League of Cities President Matt Surrency stated that "Our Home Rule Heroes are the embodiment of local advocacy at its finest."

"I am truly honored to be one of the first city clerks to receive this prestigious award in recognition of the efforts put forth during the 2016 legislative session," shared Ackroyd Howe, who is also president of the Florida Association of City Clerks.

"Tracy is known across the state for her professionalism and commitment to the highest standards of her profession," praised Clermont City Manager Darren Gray.

Of the 70 city officials who received this year's award, only two were city clerks. Ackroyd Howe was the only official from Lake County to receive this year's award.
Florida League of Cities honors Clermont
City Clerk with 2016 Home Rule Hero Award


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