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Mascotte City Manager Jim Gleason has announced that a public information workshop will be held Monday, October 3 at 6:30pm to share the South Lake Trail project with interested parties at the City of Mascotte Council Meeting.

Jerald Marks, FDOT Project Manager will make a short presentation discussing the design elements and the schedule for the project. Included will be aerials depicting the South Lake Trail alignment and project limits on easels to allow attendees to view the plan.

Comment cards will be provided to allow input from the public, Gleason said. "We have been asked to reach out to the community by adding the South Lake Trail to the City Council Meeting Agenda, adding a line item about the South Lake Trail Public Information Workshop on utility bills and in local papers."

The Groveland city manager was also advised of the workshop. The South Lake Trail currently ends in Groveland but will be extended through Mascotte and eventually will link up with the VanFleet Trail. The trail is part of the Coast to Coast.

The trail bridge on 12th street (CR561) marks the exact center of the project statewide which spawned the slogan, "meet me in the middle."

When completed a cyclist could travel from the Atlantic to the Gulf on one continuous trail.

The Mascotte City Council meets in the community building, 121 N. Sunset Avenue in Mascotte.

Mascotte will hold a public information meeting
to discuss the extension of the South Lake Trail
County Commissioner Sean Parks (left) takes to the South Lake Trail with Clermont Councilwoman Diane Travis and County Commissioner Leslie Campione during the opening the the trail's extension last year. The next phase will connect Mascotte. (Photo by Mike Corradino)

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