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Students start their first day of school on August 18. This school year every elementary student attending Lake County Schools will start and end the school day at the same time.

The same goes for middle and high school students as Lake County Schools is standardizing bell schedules for the 2014-2015 school year. The new bell schedule is:

"With many schools having an independent bell schedule, it presented challenges for Transportation to ensure each student arrived at school on time," said John Davis, Chief of Operations for Lake County Schools.

A uniform bell schedule was proposed as part of the High School Redesign opportunity outlined in the EngageLCS initiative. Through the $1.2 million, grant-funded EngageLCS project, Lake County Schools is evaluating the best use of its existing financial resources to ensure students continue to get a great education.

The new bell schedule — coupled with transitioning high school schedules from a block model (four periods a day) to a seven-period day — will increase the instructional time for each high school class period by as much as 40 hours per year.

"There are a lot of good things happening in our schools, but we have noted some areas of concerns," said Dr. David Christiansen, Chief Academic Officer for Lake County Schools.

"These changes will have a positive effect with student achievement, resource optimization, teacher support and meeting the needs every student to ensure they are college and career ready upon graduation."

EngageLCS is an unprecedented measure for Lake County Schools — significantly improving student outcomes without a large increase in new money. By reallocating resources, the School District is looking to increase student achievement by focusing on five instructional priorities:

To learn more about EngageLCS, log on to

(Editors Note: Lake County Schools is a single entity and not plural. Therefore "is" used above in the official press release is correct and not "are." We wanted to head off the flood of emails)

Lake Schools
Lake County Schools classes start August 18 with
a synchronized schedule for elementary students

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