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By Maggie Krieger
When Lisa Matts, a second grade teacher at Lost Lake Elementary, learned that a fire had destroyed the main building and library of the elementary school she and four generations of her family attended in North Carolina, she set out to seek donations of gently used books to begin replacing those that were lost.

Principal Susan Pegram learned about Matts' request and she declared it a school wide service project. Immediately letters were sent out to parents requesting donations of books for the cause.

"I was planning on packing up a few boxes of books in my SUV and delivering them but I never thought I would need to get a U Haul to take the donations we received."

Matts attended school at Old Dock Elementary School in Whiteville, NC where her parents and grandparents were also students. Matts' brother, Mark Hayes has a granddaughter attending Old Dock.

Matts thanked all the donors who provided books and items for the burned out school. She also thanked Paul McPherson of Personal Mini Storage for assistance in getting a trailer from U-Haul to make the trip.

Matts said she felt blessed to be able to deliver the books personally not only because she can experience the school's reaction but will also be able to spend time with family, friends, and past teachers this weekend.

Lost Lake teacher rallies support in effort to replace books lost to fire in her alma mater's media center
Books for Old Dock
These are just some of the books gathered by Lost Lake Elementary School to aid another school that was burned out in North Carolina. Lost Lake Teacher Lisa Matts left Thursday to deliver the trailer load of books. (Photo by Maggie Krieger)
isa Matts and her books collection
When Lisa Matts heard her old elementary school burned destroying its media center, she set out to help replace as many books as possible. The response was so overwhelming she needed a U-Haul to transport the boxes. (Photo by Maggie Krieger)

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