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county trashAll operations for the Lake County Solid Waste Division, including residential collection services, customer service, landfill operations and residential drop-offs, will be closed on Monday, May 25, in observance of Memorial Day. Residential collections for citizens living in unincorporated Lake County will be moved up one day for the entire week.

For example, those who normally have residential curbside collection services for household garbage, recycling or yard waste on Monday, will instead have collection on Tuesday during the holiday week. All collection days that week will move to the next day, and Friday collection will be picked up on Saturday.

For residents with twice-per-week garbage collection, if one of the household garbage collection days falls on the holiday, trash collection will only occur on the second pick-up day during the holiday week. Recycling collection will not occur for those whose recycling is normally collected on Monday during the holiday week.

Any excess trash either bagged or placed into a non-county trash cart will be accepted during the holiday week only. No hazardous waste items will be collected.

For more information about the county's residential curbside collection services, contact the Lake County Solid Waste Division at 352-343-9400, email garbage, or visit

Lake County trash and recycling collection will
be moved by one day for Memorial Day Week
Lake County

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