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Dream Catcher Horse Ranch & Rescue center
took third place in the 100 Day Horse Challenge
Dream Catcher Horse Ranch & Rescue Center won Third Place for their successful efforts in the 100 Day Horse Challenge this summer. Created by the Time to Ride initiative, the nationwide 100 Day Horse Challenge involved hundreds of hosts like Dream Catcher who believe that horse activities can contribute to the health and well-being of all Americans.

"For the challenge we offered summer camps for ages 5 through 15 at various levels," said Dream Catcher director Alison Wheatley "We also did a teachers Meet the Horse Day Camp, riding lessons and several open house events."

"Dream Catcher Horse Ranch & Rescue Center believes that horse activities are beneficial to individuals and families in many ways, and is passionate about sharing their horses and ponies with families through their riding and horsemanship programs."

Perhaps it's time to reconnect with the horse to find the benefits of equine activities. The horse can bring the family together in an activity that is part work-out, part therapy session and part pure exhilaration."

Dream Catcher Horse Ranch & Rescue Center is a non profit horse rescue 501c3 which also offers a huge range of activities for the whole family to enjoy, according to Wheatley. This includes rail riding, riding by the session, horse boarding, horseback riding lessons, horse & pony kids club, horse leasing, pony parties, barn tours, pony rides, and summer camps.

"This unique program enables us to have cash flow so we don't have to rely on donations alone to keep the rescue going."

For more information go to their website Dreamcatcherhorses or call 407 702 8332 or email dchorses1@gmail.com. To learn more about Time to Ride and how to find a horse near you, visit timetoride.

Horse and pony rides are a regular at Dream Catcher's many events. It gives everyone a chance to interact with the equines. (Photo by Mike Corradino)
Dream Catcher Horse Ranch & Rescue Center wins third in 100 day horse challenge
Alyson Wheatley runs the non-profit horse rescue and education project. She led Dream Catcher to a third place win in the national Time to Ride competition for her educational efforts. (Photo by Mike Corradino)
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