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The National Training Center (NTC) and the Clermont Professional Firefighters Union have teamed up for the first time to sell Cancer Awareness shirts during the month of October. Proceeds from the sale go to help local cancer victims.

The shirts come in two styles and are pink. They go on sale at Clermont Fire Station 3 at 2155 Legends Way in Clermont beginning October 1.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit Lake County Firefighter Lt. Matt Stowell. He was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer called Chondrosarcoma. This type of Cancer effects the bones and cartilage of the body but also is known to travel and effect the lungs.

"Our union and the NTC are both excited to be able to raise Cancer Awareness and help a local resident/firefighter from a neighboring agency in his time of need," said Clermont Fire Lt. Steve Smith.

"This year we were approached by the National Training Center and asked if we would allow them to partner with us," he explained.

"This seemed only natural as they champion health and wellness and have partnered with our city on numerous previous occasions. It is the first year we have a partner on this project and are very excited that it is the NTC."

The price per shirt will be $15 for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve.

Clermont Firefighters Union and National Training
Center partner to raise funds for local cancer victim
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Traditional pink shirts for Cancer Awareness Month go on sale October 1 at Clermont Fire Station 3. Proceeds from the sale will help a Lake County Firefighter diagnosed with a rare cancer.
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