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When students began raising money for a school playground at Lost Lake Elementary School, Principal Rhonda Hunt promised a special surprise if they were successful. That something came in the shape of an "old friend," Chris P. Bacon, a two legged pig.

Chris had been a guest of the school last year when Hunt kissed him after a special event. "He's gained five pounds since then," said veterinarian Len Lucero who built a prosthetic to help the swine get around. Chris has achieved notoriety because he should never have survived.

Instead he has the opportunity to ham it up with Lucero of TV and other media with his buddy Lucero. Although he does get around with the help of a toy wagon, he does get some exercise the keep from being a porker. The two were featured on PBS this week.

Hunt was joined by other staff members in giving Chris a kiss to the chants of "kiss the pig" by almost 1,000 students in the school courtyard.

To learn more about Chris go to his official website,

Principal makes good on promise to do something special by kissing a pig in front of 1,000 students
Amy Burton, left, and Lisa Lowrey prepare to give Chris a double kiss while veterinarian Len Lucero looks on and a thousand students, below, chant "Kiss the Pig!" (Photo by Mike Corradino)
Amy & Lisa
Gina Mobley
Enrichment teacher Gina Mobley leads the students of Lost Lake Elementary School in their theme song after watching Chris P. Bacon exchange kisses with the school staff. (Photo by Mike Corradino)
Rhonda Hunt
Principal Rhonda Hunt laughs out loud after kissing world famous Chris P. Bacon. Bacon has his own books, You Tube videos and a website. The pig gained fame when he learned to walk with a prosthetic for his missing hind legs. (Photo by Mike Corradino)
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