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Clermont Mayor Gail Ash makes good on her promise to hold regular meetings with residents
By Stuart Wilson
"Mayor Gail Ash took her monthly Coffee Hour to Jereme and Lina Hall's "The Ultimate Painter Art Gallery" at the corner of 8th St and W. Montrose St., in Historic Downtown Clermont. These coffee hours are a chance for Ash to meet with Clermont residents at wide ranging venues like JeLi's Gallery.

On Saturday morning, the mayor met with 15 constituents. In her brief opening remarks, she invited her audience to chat with her freely and ask her anything. They did with the questions ranging from traffic control to plans for the new police headquarters on Hwy 27.

It allowed the mayor to discuss plans as well as take issues to her staff to get answers back to audience members. For example, there was great interest in possible impact on the new police headquarters on their soon to be neighbors at the Legends. The mayor announced plans to meet with the Legends community to inform them about the new building to ease concerns like retaining tree line buffers.

Ash told them that she and the city council wanted to make sure that as Clermont developed it would not lose the charm that attracted folks to live there. She announced the city's plans later this month to annex areas along Highway 50 going toward Orange County that were part of the important goal of "promoting controlled development."

Ash met again later in the day with members of the Caribbean-American Association of Lake County (CAALC) also to discuss city issues.

Ash's next coffee will be Saturday, May 16, 10am at Waterfront Park as part of the Clermont Fire Department's Champions Safety Day and later on Saturday, June 20, 10am at Vineyards of the World on Montrose Street in Historic Downtown Clermont.

Mayor Ash Coffee
Clermont Mayor Gail Ash met with members of the Caribbean-American Association of Lake County (CAALC) later in the day. The mayor has been visiting businesses and organizations as part of her campaign promise to stay in tune with the residents. (Photo by Stuart Wilson, Mango Tree Arts)
Mayor Ash Coffee
Clermont Mayor Gail Ash meets with one of her youngest constituents during her Coffee Hour in Historic Downtown Clermont. The mayor will meet at different locations each month to keep abreast of the city’s needs. (Photo by Stuart Wilson, Mango Tree Arts)
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