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This year's Teachers Appreciation Day proved to
be an outstanding success with over 1,200 teachers
For the second year in a row, the South Lake Chamber of Commerce and Pig On The Pond Teacher Appreciation Day broke records for attendance.

"We had seating for 1,000 teachers," said Lucy Hage, who organizes the event for the Chamber. Last year, the event had a record 1,000 teachers, up 200 from the previous year.

"We had over 1,200 teachers," she added, literally leaving standing room only.

Each year the two organizations put on the event which has grown from simple beginnings 25 years ago, to a major recognition ceremony.

Honored were rookie teachers of the year and teachers of the year.

All the teachers took away some school supplies while others won still more supplies and gifts from local businesses.

The two organizations put on the event the week before school starts each year to thank the educators for they efforts on behalf of the students.

teacher appreciation day
Schools brought their mascots who helped cheer on the crowd. Even with built in fans, the hot costumes were hard to “bear” making the whole experience “for the birds,” but not so much that the “insiders” didn’t have fun. (Photos by Mike Corradino)
lake county teacher appreciation day
lake county teacher appreciation day
School spirit starts at the top. Each school’s name was called out and teachers show their spirit with voice, music and costumes. Over 1,200 teachers attended this year’s Teacher Appreciation Day. (Photo by Mike Corradino)
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