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Last night, (Tuesday, January 13) the Clermont City Council approved the Sidewalk Cafe agenda item.

This is more good news for Downtown Clermont's current food and beverage businesses, and the entire Greater Clermont Area. The City Council is sending a very positive signal to entrepreneurs, residents, visitors and tourists that Clermont is on the grow.

Thank you to all who attended the Council meeting last night to show your support. Thank you to those who spoke during public input. To tie into the City's recently launched branding campaign, all of you are "Champions." You are helping to shape the Clermont of the future right now.

Thank you to Darren Gray, city manager, and to Jim Hitt, economic development director and CRA director for the City of Clermont, and to all city council members for being "Champions" for business in Historic Downtown Clermont.

As many of us already knew, and many of us learned during the city-wide visioning sessions leading to the City's new branding campaign, "Clermont. Choice of Champions", residents and businesses throughout the Greater Clermont Area want a vibrant, relevant downtown.

Going forward with sound policies gives entrepreneurs opportunities to grow their businesses. We believe the Sidewalk Cafe decision is a wonderful step by the city that supports and invites business owners to participate in fulfilling the request hundreds of people voiced: "Let's work together to make our downtown area a showcase for the quality-of-life we enjoy and envision."

It's exciting that we are all part of this evolution!

When you have a chance, please let our City of Clermont "Champions" know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication to the citizens and businesses of Clermont.

Also, please include a "Thank You" to YellyMary and Sascha at Vineyards of the World for championing this issue.

Ron Smart
Executive Director
Clermont Downtown Partnership

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Kudos to Clermont for approving Sidewalk Cafes


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