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US FlagA few months back I urged people to pay attention. New skilled industries would offer great opportunities and economic growth with clean jobs and clean industries. Additive manufacturing, 3D printing and laser tool and die making are changing the industries.

Skilled jobs, in many cases, can offer six figure salaries. It's not your grandfather's factory anymore.

For years we have watched jobs and industry race to Asia, primarily China, where low wages made competition difficult for U.S. firms. But China's wages have been growing at 17% per year as that country's citizens demand more in goods and services of their own. The experts all point to 2015 as the date when the U.S. and China will be on wage parity.

At that point, all bets are off. The U.S. can then compete with goods manufactured here at home. The signs are there. Apple Computer announced it is bringing manufacture of its popular Macintosh line to Texas. In a similar announcement, Motorola has also announced a return to Texas.

The drip has become a leak which will become flood very quickly. South Lake County has the land, particularly in Groveland, already zoned for industry. We can choose the kind of industry we want now if we act. We can have the high paying, clean manufacturing jobs.

The countdown clock will stay in The Tablet as a reminder that 2015 is approaching. Let's be ready!

Michael Corradino, Editor and Publisher

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The countdown to bringing skilled, high paying
tech and trade skills to our area is fast approaching


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