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School begins for Lake County Public Schools Monday and it's time for us at The Tablet to renew our pledge to the students, teachers, staff and principals of our institutions.

The South Lake Tablet will not publish negative stories about our schools. Our staff covers the stories that highlight the positive achievements of our students and educators. No school or school facility need ever be concerned if a Tablet member is on property.

Our belief at The Tablet is there is far more positive news in the world than negative. We believe that hundreds of students making great strides and achieving great goals deserve more credit than the handful of problems that seem to get coverage elsewhere.

We believe the students who have achieved great things deserve recognition, whether its academics or sports. We believe that educators and coaches deserve the credit for helping these students reach potential.

A former public information officer for the Lake County Schools complained to me last year that the other media outlets would call each day asking if something bad had occurred at any of the campuses. Is that what people really want?

I have proven that wrong for years. We find there is more "good" news than we can cover and more interest in the positive. We hear it everyday. That's why our readership continues to grow.

Does that mean we should turn a blind eye toward bad behavior, incompetence or poor administration? No, we shouldn't. There are watchdogs in every community who work in public and behind the scenes to correct those issues. I know. I was one of those.

But you don't cure a patient by giving them poison. You work toward a cure. Reporting the bad and not the good is just poison.

So over the next few weeks we will be developing our new school section as a permanent feature, highlighting the positives. It will be written by our own staff and students from the various South Lake County Schools. It will be open to any student who wants to learn writing, editing and photography.

The Tablet will keep its positive news outlook. That's our promise.

The Tablet renews its pledge of positive school news


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