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Habitat For HumanityMontverde Academy students and their teacher, Rachel Adams, slipped "across the border" into Oakland recently to volunteer for a Habitat for Humanity project there.

Adams is the MVA Head Coach of the Lady Eagles Volleyball team and also a Lower-school Learning Resource Support (LSR) teacher.

"The Academy has never volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, so all the students who volunteered with the organization were very excited to help," said Adams.

"In fact, when given the chance to leave for the day due to inclement weather, students chose to continue working in the rain. I was very thankful for the opportunity to take these kids on this trip. I really enjoyed the entire experience. entire group had such great attitudes," Adams added.

Habitat has helped more than 1 million families, representing 5 million people, improve their living conditions since it was founded in 1976.

Habitat also has a home under construction in Groveland. Habitat home owners are invested in their new homes with sweat equity. Because the new owners work on their homes, there is a greater sense of pride and a higher success rate in maintaining those homes.

Montverde Academy students join with Habitat
For Humanity to help build a local family's home
Habitat for Humanity


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