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By Stuart Wilson
For Kim Kahana, "teaching the younger generation is part of my effort to pay it forward" for the help he received over a long and successful career.

Kahana, who has run the Kahana's Stunt & Film School since 1974, has added Kahana Stunt School for Kids.

His twice a month school for juniors has attracted an active group of highly motivated students who have to be younger than 18 years old. He personally interviews prospective students, and their parents, to make sure they have the "right stuff."

Some of his students are teens who have their eyes set on a stunt career in the movies and have been in training for years. Others are brand new to the art of falling from high towers or rappelling down the sides of those same three story structures.

They all seem to share a love of adventure and that stunt training is "energizing." One student, a 16-year old said, this training "helps you come out of your shell."

These juniors know stunts and stunt training can be dangerous; however, under Kahana, they are all developing a deep respect for risk management.

They realize that if they maintain physical fitness, plan all of their actions in detail and in close coordination with the team, and pay very close attention to safety, they will have significantly mitigated their risks.

Under Kahana's watchful eye, students and trainers monitor all details. For example, they check and double-check knots and loudly announce their planned actions before they execute a stunt.

They know it takes a team to make training successful. Kahana's track record as a lifetime stunt trainer bears that out.

Is the scream real or acting? Or both? A screen scream is an important part of many stunts. While the instructor explains, the student appears to be saying, “You want me to do what?!” But conquers her fears and does it anyway. Learning to drop from a zip line is also a key task. (All photos by Stuart Wilson, Mango Tree Arts)
Legendary stuntman Kim Kahana's Stunt School
for Kids kicks into high gear for the spring session
Kim Kahana has been a stuntman for a lifetime and a stunt school instructor since 1974. His Groveland stunt and film school recently added a stunt school for kids. (Photo by Stuart Wilson, Mango Tree Arts)


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