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Sounds fancy, huh? This time of year, I like a few of these "go to" appetizers for entertaining. But this also makes a nice treat if you're cooking for two. Here is the recipe for two, but you can double or triple this if you are having a party.

Try to find the Meyer lemon if you can. It really makes a difference in this dish.


Soak the clams and the mussels in water with the corn meal under refrigeration for about 1/2 hour. Strain and rinse.

Add the butter and oil to the pan along with the crushed red pepper. Once the butter melts, let the pepper infuse for about a minute, but be careful not to brown the butter.

Add the clams and the mussels to the pan along with the vermouth, lemon juice, Tamari and garlic.

Cover and simmer over medium heat until all clams and mussels open, about 10 minutes. Discard any unopened shell fish.

Note: To mash the garlic, chop it finely and then run your knife over it to create a paste.

Plate the clams and mussels over baby kale. Include the broth in the bowls.

Enjoy and as always, I'll see you soon.

Clermont resident Mary Kay LaBrie is a professional development specialist by day, a food blogger and aspiring comedy writer. She and her husband, Dan, are active in the community and recently became members of Real Life Church.

Mary Kay and Dan won or placed in several amateur cooking contests, and both have had recipes published in national cooking magazines and cookbooks.

You can find more of Mary Kay's recipes on her food blog, MK's Fabulous Food Adventures
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just for cooking


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