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Puddle Trouble: When out and about be
sure your pet has a safe source of drinking water

Jackqueline MacKinnonBy Jacqueline MacKinnon
Our pets love going on adventures with us, whether it be on a simple walk or hiking a state trail. While we love to adventure with our pets, we need to make sure our furry friend stays hydrated as well.

Letting your animals drink from streams, creeks, rivers, lakes or even puddles can be potentially life threatening for them. There can be an overwhelming amount of bacteria in the water. One of the common causes of diarrhea in dogs worldwide is Giardia, a common single-celled protozoan parasite.

Giardia is transmitted by food and water contaminated with feces. Polluted water can contain other diseases as well, like Leptospirosis. This can cause liver and kidney damage for our pets and it's zoonotic; meaning that people can catch the disease as well. These diseases can all be avoided. If your pet becomes ill and you have noticed your dog drinking from a potentially polluted water source make sure to call your veterinarian immediately.

To help prevent this from happening, try to invest in a collapsible dog dish, usually made of a pliable material for easy storage, so you can put it in a backpack or keep one in the car. Always carry fresh water with you on outings, remember, if you're thirsty and hot, your furry friend will probably be thirsty and hot as well.

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