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Computer & Technology Club of Kings Ridge
"shuts down" with gala before 2016 "reboot"
Computer & Technology club of kings ridgeThe Computer & Technology Club of Kings Ridge will close out the 2015 year with a "shut down" gala party on Wednesday, December 2 before "rebooting" again in 2016.

"Club members will be treated to a dinner catered by Ruby Tuesday," said club spokesman Roy Gordon, "and we will have Michael Corradino as the featured speaker."

Corradino is the publisher of The Tablet and speaks on a variety of topics from his years as a monkey catcher, his life in the news media, tracking Bigfoot in Florida and "being Italian." All his topics weave humor with insight into the various subjects.

Many computer and technology subjects were discussed during the year, with a great deal of emphasis on Windows 10.

"Joe McDonald, of Computers by Joe, treated the club members to two sessions devoted to nothing but Windows 10, and the club members gained a great deal of knowledge about the new operating system, both the good and the not so good," said Gordon

Starting on January 1 the club will have a new slate of officers. "The club is looking forward to greatly expand their area of coverage for computers and other forms of technology. If you are a resident of Kings Ridge it would be a very good idea to consider joining the club," Gordon encouraged.

"The club welcomes all levels of computer and technology knowledge, even those that do not own a computer or have the least bit of knowledge about the various forms of technology."

For more information about the club, call Roy Gordon at 352-243-9343.


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