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color fun run
East Ridge High's Athletic Department celebrates the success of its inaugural 5k and Color Fun Run
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color fun run
Runners took to the 5k course over the schools 97 acre complex including steep hills and flat paved areas. An easier course was provided as well. (Photos by Mike Corradino)
color fun run
color fun run
color fun run
The crowd waits in anticipation of the start. More than 600 runners dashed through clouds of dry colored organic paint. The run included serious runners and those who just wanted to have fun. (Photo by Mike Corradino)
Color filled the air and covered a lot of runners as the East Ridge Knights launched their inaugural 5k and Fun Run. According to athletic director and East Ridge Assistant Principal Brent Frazier, over 600 participants joined the event Saturday morning.

Proceeds from the event will go toward the East Ridge High School's athletic department. In addition to the registration fees paid by the participants, Frazier said the department received over $6,000 in sponsorships including cash prizes as well as gifts.

"East Ridge is still a young school," Frazier explained. "We'd like this to become an event people identify with us to remember over the years."

The crowd included everyone from top runners to parents with children in strollers. There was even a toddlers course. Even a false start with clouds of colors didn't dampen the enthusiasm. After a brief second countdown the runners were off for the 3.1 mile trek which traversed the campus's 97 acres.

There were also shorter segments for runners with different abilities, including an "easy mile" which was completely paved. The main course took runners uphill from the football field to the school buildings, around the back and past the baseball complex before returning to the starting line.

Frazier said he expects this to be an annual event.


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