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Congressman Dan Webster will address the South Lake 912 Project on Thursday, September 25 at 7pm. He will bring the audience up to date on what is happening in Washington D.C. in general and The House of Representatives in particular.

The budget issues will be a big subject at this meeting. Webster has also agreed to a Q and A session following his presentation.

Also on hand will be County Commissioner Leslie Campione who will speak on budget concerns for Lake County.

The meeting will focus on monetary issues to give voters more information to make choices at the polls.

"This meeting will provide a monetary issues overload," said spokesman John Wentworth, "but it's information that we need to rise to the level of serious voter. Why rely on the media when this type of interaction is so easily obtained? We hope you agree."

"The South Lake 912 Project cares about more than just our voters," Wenthworth continued. "We have, for some time now, been actively assisting our local folks in need by collecting non-perishable food items at our monthly meetings for distribution to these families. Please help us continue to provide this vital help."

Daniel Webster to address South Lake 912 Project
Daniel Webster will address the upcoming meeting of the South Lake 912 Project. Webster was recently awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Award by Rob Purser of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the breakfast meeting of the South Lake Chamber of Commerce. (Photo by Mike Corradino)
Congressman Dan Webster to update South Lake 912 Project on issues in Washington DC and House


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